Puerto Rico rolls out myth busting videos announcing it's "ready to enchant you"

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Puerto Rico rolls out myth busting videos announcing it's "ready to enchant you"
Mar 20 de marzo de 2018

Video series features Despacito singer, Luis Fonsi, who debunks misconceptions and showcases beautiful Island footage of what Puerto Rico looks like today

The Puerto Rico Tourism Company (PRTC) announced today new milestones and its continued positive outlook. To keep the momentum going, a series of videos were created to debunk misconceptions and instead, remind travelers that Puerto Rico is "Ready to Enchant You." The videos feature Luis Fonsi, award-winning singer of the global hit song "Despacito," who shares facts to remind the over fifty percent of travelers who say recent media coverage has negatively impacted their view of Puerto Rico, that the Island has recovered and should top their list of upcoming vacation destinations for 2018.

"Ready to Enchant You" addresses top traveler questions head on by showing how fast we've recovered. We're more than ready to continue to welcome visitors and ready for travelers to experience the beautiful beaches, bustling attractions, our wide range of hotels, and many options to enjoy our delicious cuisine," said Carla Campos, Acting Executive Director of the PRTC.

In the first quarter of the year alone, Puerto Rico has already hosted big-ticket events including the DIVAS Half Marathon and 5K, a PGATOUR special event and IRONMAN 70.3. The Island looks forward to hosting the MLB Series next month, and many more events coming down the pike. This reaffirms Puerto Rico's readiness to host visitors from all over the world. With electricity, water, and infrastructure topping the list of concerns right now, the videos address the facts and showcase vivid visuals of the many experiences available to travelers today.  While Governor Ricardo Rosselló Nevares is still leading efforts to strengthen the Island as a whole, especially in rural areas, the visitor's experience in tourist zones is as vibrant as it has ever been.

"We will never forget what happened 6 months ago, but we certainly don't need to be reminded of it with old imagery that impedes someone to want to vacation here now. Instead, we look to the future, to our fast pace recovery and to our amazing progress to remind travelers that the best way to support Puerto Rico is by actually visiting. Tourism is a vital contributor to our economy – so visit and see for yourself," added Campos. 

The videos will be released weekly with new topics debunked every week in the Puerto Rico's Facebook page. 


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