Hotels City Express presented news in Tianguis Turístico

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Hotels City Express presented news in Tianguis Turístico
Vie 20 de abril de 2018

The mexican chain was present at the Mazatlán show to promote its national and international properties

Hoteles City Express has participated in the show that took place in Mazatlan from April 15 to 18. There they have received a large number of tourism professionals both nationally and internationally. They have promoted the City Center brand, they are boutique hotels that are aimed at international travelers.

José Luis Carrete, Director of Digital Innovation and Chief Marketing Officer of the hotel chain received Travel2Latam in an interesting interview. The executive commented: "It is the seventh Tianguis we participate in. We were born in 2002 as a business accommodation option and our locations have been a very good option for the rest of the tourists who are looking for quality properties at affordable prices" .

"The chain was born in 2002 with a concept of lodging for businesses in industrial corridors and areas of high commercial value in Mexico, we already have 131 hotels in our country and 6 in Latin America.We distinguish a product with included services of great added value to very competitive rate, we are in 64 cities in 30 states of the country, the largest local coverage, "said Carrete.

"We have about 20 new projects in the pipeline, which will soon be news, especially our Plus brand, aimed at customers who are looking for superior quality."

"We are making efforts to position ourselves in the United States with a site in English and that allowed us to grow in that issuing market that comes more and more to our hotels."

"At an international level we have properties in Colombia, Chile, and Costa Rica, I can emphasize that we will soon open a hotel in Guatemala, and in Colombia we have 4 hotels that are the result of the great growth of the market there and that will be the basis to continue advancing there. commercial between Mexico and Colombia, we are sure that there is a lot of potential ", concluded the manager.


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