Virtuoso: Dominican Republic in the top 10 destinations worldwide

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Virtuoso: Dominican Republic in the top 10 destinations worldwide
01 de mayo de 2018

The Caribbean destination does not stop its growth and receiving recognition, in this opportunity of the world luxury travel network


The global network of luxury travel 'Virtuoso' recognized as forecaster of trends, has reported the results of the analysis developed in its database generated by the US $ 40.7 billion in transactions made, on the main destinations for high level travelers this summer , as well as the fastest growing places of interest.

While European countries continue to attract the majority of visitors, the ranking of the most popular places shows surprising diversity, showing return destinations, as well as others that may be beginning an upward trajectory.

The countries that have seen the highest percentage of growth in reserves year after year are:

Greece; 2. Poland; 3. Dominican Republic; 4. New Zealand; 5. Zambia; 6. Morocco; 7. Turks and Caicos Islands; 8. Saint Lucia; 9. Vietnam; 10. Egypt

The information obtained by Infotur Dominicano, indicates that the analysis of this top 10 has arisen from its financial mobilization, Greece is the destination of greater growth this summer due to the repressed demand. Its combination of ancient attractions and dazzling scenery invites travelers to return this year.

While Poland, a jewel of Eastern Europe, is also experiencing a growth of luxury travelers. It offers the same seductive story as the rest of the continent, but with better value and less tourist views. While adventurers seek the next great African safari destination, they are turning to Zambia, which has varied experiences along with new luxury infrastructure.

Travelers who escape the hectic pace of daily life are fueling the popularity of island nations such as the Dominican Republic, the Turks and Caicos Islands and Saint Lucia, which had little or no impact from the hurricanes of September 2017.


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