5 characteristics that a hotel must have to adapt to the bleisure

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5 characteristics that a hotel must have to adapt to the bleisure
Wed 16 de May de 2018

Emilio Uribe, Head of New Business of the Selina hospitality network, lists the keys for a hotel to match a modern business traveler


Traveling, even for work reasons, is always an opportunity to get to know and open your panorama. In fact, a study carried out in the universities of Spain and the United Kingdom, ensures that for professionals who visit a destination for work, conventional tourism and entertainment are part of their experience. Therefore, these business travelers need flexible spaces that can complement their visit. In other words, even if your trip is primarily business, there must be other aspects that create a more satisfactory stay.
"Even though the focus is on business or the professional side, it does not mean that the stay has to sacrifice comfort, well-being and leisure," explained Emilio Uribe, Head of New Business at Selina. "The same principles that set the alternative office trend apply to the hosting models. So for the new generations of business travelers it is also vital to have a different and more rounded stay, "he added.
Based on this, the traveler also lists the key features that your place of accommodation should have to break the mold of the typical business trip and offer you a better experience.

Make it more than a place of passage
Take off your mind that because you travel for a professional matter your hotel should be a place without personality. This does not mean that you should invest too much. The important thing is to look for accommodation alternatives that focus on the type of services you like and need.

That is inspiring
The design is a relevant factor, because the cloned decoration seen in each branch and the white walls that do not transmit anything will hardly motivate you to work, but they will make you want to escape from your hotel room. Find an environment that reduces stress and has a unique personality, so that the sensation of discovering a new space transmits to you the energy of destiny.

Include spaces for coworking
That the location has spaces dedicated to productivity will be vital to better organize your time and have the right setting for meetings or work sessions during the day. In turn, you can take advantage of these environments to have new perspectives of local professionals and other travelers, being an ideal space for networking. In addition, this guarantees that you will have everything you need (from a desk, to high-speed Internet connection) to fulfill your obligations.

Balance between fun and work
If your agenda is full and you have short windows of opportunity to enjoy the destination, an important aspect of your accommodation is that it gives you the facilities to know the destination from the hotel itself and that has options to plan tours or tours of the city, that you can plan based on your agenda.

Have a wellness program
If, however, in your free time you want to take advantage to take a well-deserved rest and clear up, then a complete program with activities focused on your well-being is vital. This does not necessarily mean a spa, it also translates into class and activities to get in touch with yourself, giving you a getaway of mind and body.


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