Qantas enters the Amadeus NDC-X program

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Qantas enters the Amadeus NDC-X program
Mié 13 de junio de 2018

This program connects innovative airlines and distributors through the Amadeus travel platform compatible with the NDC standard


Since the launch of its NDC-X program in February this year, Amadeus has made significant progress with airlines and travel distributors in relation to the development of the NDC standard.

Amadeus announces today that Qantas will be one of the airlines to join its NDC-X program. Amadeus will connect to the Qantas distribution platform (QDP) and provide NDC content to distributors. In this way, the latter will be able to reserve NDC content along with other travel content, giving them a greater capacity for personalization of service for travelers.

As part of this deep-rooted collaboration, Amadeus will have access to the Qantas distribution platform (QDP) to continue offering all the airline's services to travel distributors through the preferred booking channels of the agencies.

"Our program will allow airlines to market their NDC offer through travel distributors around the world through our NDC-compatible travel platform," said Gianni Pisanello, Amadeus NDC-X vice president. Qantas is part of our industry-leading program, the Amadeus travel platform is designed with the needs of airlines and travel distributors in mind, and we look forward to integrating NDC content into it so that it is available. progress and, by the end of the year, it will be possible to make online reservations, so that the entire process, including purchase, request and payment, will be made using the NDC standard".

This announcement is made shortly after communicating the renewal by Amadeus and Qantas of their agreement to provide technological and distribution services.


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