Amadeus, the first company to achieve level 3 certification for the latest version of NDC

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Amadeus, the first company to achieve level 3 certification for the latest version of NDC
Mar 19 de junio de 2018

Version 18.1 of the NDC, generated from the new data model, is a key milestone on the road to the widespread adoption of the standard


Since 2016, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) has a certification process for the New Distribution Capability (NDC) standard that allows different actors in the sector to demonstrate their ability to provide coverage for NDC communications. Amadeus has just renewed its level 3 certification for its Altéa NDC solution in accordance with version 18.1 of the standard, the most recent and which was launched in March of this year.

The novelty of version 18.1 is that it has been generated from the new data model of the airline industry, in which IATA has been working with Amadeus and other partners in the sector. The objective of this new data model is to provide a coherent basis and methodology to help define the use and structure of new and current standards. In this way, the deployment and systematic use of the new standards, such as the NDC, is supported.

We have worked hand in hand with IATA and other industry partners to test and improve this latest version of the standard, which will help boost its systematization and adoption. Version 18.1 and the new data model assume that NDC communications between airlines and third parties, whether they are aggregators, travel distributors or companies, now have a more defined structure, "said Gianni Pisanello, Vice President of the Amadeus NDC-X program. .

Pisanello added: "Simply put, it means that we are a little bit closer to the key moment, when all the players in the sector will be able to speak and interpret the NDC language in the same way, which is a fundamental advantage for the entire industry. We are very pleased to be the first company to obtain the certification for version 18.1, which highlights our ongoing partnership with IATA and our determination to implement the NDC standard in the sector. "

"Our NDC standard and the certification process are not without success, and we are very excited to see how the NDC helps usher in a new era in the distribution of airline products," said Yanik Hoyles, director of the New Distribution Capability program. IATA- Amadeus has always been a very active member of our NDC working groups and this certification is a good example of their collaborative approach. "

This new certification as a technology provider joins the previous level 3 certification as a technology provider and the level 1 certification as an aggregator obtained by Amadeus in 2016 and 2017. Amadeus expects to obtain level 3 certification as an aggregator later this year.


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