Smartvel participates in the IATA congress

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Smartvel participates in the IATA congress
Mié 20 de junio de 2018

According to the CEO Íñigo Valenzuela, "the data is the new oil and the real challenge is not to obtain them but to know how to use them"


The CEO of Smartvel, Íñigo Valenzuela, has participated in the Aviation Data Symposium & AI Lab of the International Air Transport Association (IATA), which brings together the main airlines of the world and
of the tourism sector in Berlin, where he stressed that "data is the new oil and the real challenge is not to obtain them but to know how to use them" to make the most of the new scenario.
Valenzuela has intervened in the congress with a paper entitled "New opportunities around data and personalization in the aeronautical industry", where he has cracked the opportunity to generate new points of contact with airline customers with relevant content and adapted to
their interests thanks to the use of data, in an event in which half a thousand tourism professionals from more than 40 countries have participated.
Smartvel is a Spanish startup that uses artificial intelligence with Big Data and Machine Learning techniques to collect, classify, monitor, enrich, translate and efficiently geolocate all the events that take place in any destination in the world.
In this way, Smartvel is able to add the unstructured content of the network and turn it into a solution of ordered contents that incorporate the living agenda of the cities (concerts, culture, sports competitions, congresses, etc.) and the static contents (museums, restaurants or representative buildings, among others). The result is a permanently updated agenda about what
It happens at the place of destination.
One of the last customers that have joined the Smartvel portfolio is Singapore Airlines, which with the Smartvel tool offers its users personalized content from 20 of its main destinations.
Smartvel covers more than 200 destinations and promotes the internationalization of the company with sales offices in London, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Zurich, Dubai, Santiago de Chile, Rio de Janeiro and Bangkok. Almost half of the clients of the Spanish company are international companies.
The Smartvel project started in 2013 and for two years all the resources were devoted to developing a proprietary and innovative technology that would contribute to the aggregation of vertical, useful and coherent content automatically with a well-defined objective: to offer a product that added value in the relationship of companies with their customers.
During this stage, a dozen engineers worked on the achievement of a viable minimum product that saw the light in 2015. The project in which La Caixa and Alsa participate, has also had funding from Segittur. The company entered into profit in 2017 and since then maintains a sustained growth of its income.



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