Hoteliers evaluate the best technological trends for their benefit

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Hoteliers evaluate the best technological trends for their benefit
Lun 25 de junio de 2018

SiteMinder made an important exercise with hoteliers from different regions to evaluate their priorities in terms of technology to obtain a better benefit in the future


New study by SiteMinder, the leading platform in the market for hotel management solutions in the cloud, reveals the main drivers of success for hotels around the world.

In a global survey, SiteMinder asked hoteliers, both groups and independent accommodations in all regions of the world, to assess their priorities, challenges, strategies and perceptions in distribution plans, budgets, hiring staff , the implementation of new technological tools and the success that they hoped to obtain in the future.

Chapter four of the "Global Hotel Business Index 2018": What are the main drivers of the success of hoteliers? ", SiteMinder asked hoteliers to offer their vision on current technological trends and their plans to implement them in the future.

Another issue that was raised for hoteliers was related to the use of technology in the last five years. A large majority (95%) of the respondents stated that their position on the implementation of new technologies had changed in recent years - 49% admitted that they had established the appropriate technology for their properties and 46% said they now perceive the technology as a necessity, not as an addition. Only 5% stated that adopting the technology to run their hotels is not a priority for them, or that they are not willing to explore it at the moment.

Hoteliers were also questioned about the technological trends in which they were focusing to implement them throughout 2018. SiteMinder gave them several options: Mobile technology, Internet of Things, Technology in the room, Virtual reality, Artificial intelligence, Recognition of voice and facial or none of them. Only 5% of the answers comprised virtual reality, Artificial Intelligence and facial and voice recognition combined, while 33% considered mobile technology with a trend that is already happening and 31% did not agree with any of these options as next technological trends.

The hoteliers had the opportunity to comment freely on how they see technology in the hotel industry and how they plan to use it. Some of the answers were: "We are trying to use new technologies, but we have to keep our market in mind, our target audience is 50+, so we can not always be as progressive as we would like." Another of the statements of the hoteliers was: "We are analyzing the automation of our reservation process and also developing a chatbot for general inquiries online". "We want to invest in technological trends that last and ensure that this technology works as it should at all times."


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