SITA invites the airline industry to join the international Blockchain research project

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SITA invites the airline industry to join the international Blockchain research project
Barbara Dalibard, SITA
Jue 28 de junio de 2018

The company welcomes interested industry members to use Aviation Blockchain Sandbox at no cost

SITA, a technology provider for the air transport industry, today announced the launch of a groundbreaking industry research project to explore the potential of a blockchain. More than 100 top IT executives, who attended the SITA Customer Innovation Forum, were the first to be invited to join the Aviation Blockchain Sandbox.

SITA is investing in infrastructure to accelerate the industry's research into the feasibility of running multi-company applications using distributed accounting technology, more commonly known as blockchain. The company welcomes interested industry members to use Aviation Blockchain Sandbox at no cost.

Barbara Dalibard, CEO of SITA, said: "Today we invite air transport organizations to work together so that we can collectively see how Blockchain could work across our industry. Blockchain has many promises, but exploring them in individual organizations is not the most productive. As a technology company owned by airlines, SITA is in a position to work in a multi-stakeholder neutral manner to explore and test multi-business applications. Through this collaborative innovation, we will accelerate learning for all. "

The air transport industry has a long history of exchanging information among multiple stakeholders to improve efficiency. On occasion, however, he faces difficulties when he needs to provide his own commercial information or when there are conflicts over multiple data sources. One of the key benefits of blockchain technology is the ability to have multi-enterprise applications. They work in several organizations blocking data unchangeably in blockchain instead of having individual applications that run separately exchanging data according to each case. This is how this technology can provide a 'single source of truth' for all stakeholders.

Aviation Blockchain Sandbox will be managed and managed by SITA Lab, SITA's technological research team, and will be developed in three stages. For starters, SITA will open the FlightChain project to airlines and airports in September. FlightChain was the test of the blockchain system of SITA, together with British Airways, and the airports of Heathrow, Geneva and the international airport of Miami, using intelligent contracts for the control of shared data. Thus, flight information is stored in the blockchain to provide a unique source of truth. Now, SITA will make it easier for other airlines and airports to join this investigation and try FlightChain for their own use.

For the second stage of this collaborative innovation, SITA will work with organizations that want to test smart contracts in several cases of operational use of airlines and airports. During the third stage of the investigation, which is expected to begin in late 2018, SITA will allow participants to run their own nodes. This will give organizations the opportunity to become more involved and participate in the operation of the network, including becoming custodians. Throughout all the stages, the participating organizations can be sure that the data used in the sandbox blockchain will be stored confidentially.

Dalibard concluded: "Since we published the FlightChain research results, many of our client airlines and airports have expressed interest in exploring Blockchain opportunities and some have already committed to the Aviation Blockchain Sandbox." We encourage airlines, airports, operators of ground logistics, governments and other organizations with a role in the air transport industry to take advantage of this opportunity to innovate together".


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