Amadeus appoints Bruno Spada responsible for technological solutions for airports

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Amadeus appoints Bruno Spada responsible for technological solutions for airports
Vie 01 de febrero de 2019

The executive will bring his extensive experience in R & D and airport environments, occupies the position vacant after the retirement of John Jarrell at the end of 2018

Spada brings his extensive experience, acquired in different business units of Amadeus, and is specialized in the R & D segment specifically as a result of his time as head of the R & D team for the Departure Control System (DCS) module Flight Management in London. In addition, he has in-depth knowledge about technological solutions for airports, since he participated in the commercial launch of Altéa DCS and worked on projects for its implementation in customers for five years. More recently, Spada has led the Commercial Finance team in Madrid.

"The vision and direction of the Amadeus airport business have been the factors that have most attracted me to this position. Having previous R & D experience and offering solutions related to ground handling operations, I have extensive knowledge about this business model. I will dedicate all my efforts to help Amadeus become a leader in this segment, "said Bruno Spada.

He concluded: "Working in partnership with clients to develop solutions that respond to their business needs and create new opportunities have always been strategic priorities for Amadeus' technology solutions team for airports. I am very excited to take over this excellent work and help airports and handling companies to identify new ways to provide an efficient service to both client airlines and travelers. In addition, I will guarantee the continuity and stability of our business, the quality of the service and its execution and the maintenance of a focus on innovation".


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