5 ways for travel agencies to grow in 2019

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5 ways for travel agencies to grow in 2019
Jue 07 de marzo de 2019

Paulo Rezende, Head of South America - Retail at Amadeus shares with us his vision on the future of the tourism trade


A new year brings new opportunities. In retail trips, the customer experience is unique, and human contact can make the journey of travelers more pleasant. Throughout the Americas in 2019, we hope to work with retail travel agencies to offer them the content and technology they need to grow their businesses in the Live Travel Space.
Here we share five challenges that travel retailers face this year, and how Amadeus is helping small and medium-sized agencies, tour operators, large networks and consolidators to compete more effectively.

With Amadeus, retailers can:

1. Compete with large online companies. In recent years, all retailers have been forced to clearly define their niche. This means that they must improve the attention to travelers through specialization, focused offers and refined knowledge. They understand that to compete in the new travel scenario, they must reinvent themselves and establish their identities. In 2019, Amadeus will help small and medium-sized agencies compete with tailored programs, targeted campaigns and personalized services that respond to their specific needs. In the same way that a wine expert knows which grapes produce different types of wines, Amadeus will adapt "customized solutions" to meet the specific objectives of these customers.

2 Maximize mobile connectivity Today's travelers are rapidly migrating from the PC to the search and purchase of trips via mobile. That's why travel retailers must adapt to meet their needs, with easy-to-use websites, custom interfaces, secure logins and tailored content. Our continued investment in Amadeus Mobile White Label, Amadeus Travel Platform and Amadeus Direct solutions will provide them with the essential tools to seamlessly connect with customers from any mobile device.

3. Improve general connectivity. The transformation of the airlines will allow greater connectivity with retailers - not only through the GDS, but from various sources. Therefore, they will need to "mix and match" larger volumes of information from multiple access points. They will also have to deal with the complexities of incorporating low cost airlines (LCC), merging front and back office data, managing multiple GDS reservations, matching PNR data and enabling purchasing and payment capabilities. 2019 is the year that NDC will bear fruit and the IT systems of retailers must be ready. Amadeus Selling Platform Connect makes possible that connectivity with travelers and programs like Amadeus NDC-X will promote the adoption of NDC to make sure it works for all players.

4. Improve customer service, service and payment. Retailers recognize that they need to keep pace with mobile technology to solve customer problems in real time. Automation, applications, artificial intelligence (AI), chatbots and robots are fascinating solutions currently available by Amadeus to address these challenges. Amadeus B2B Wallet is a virtual card payment solution that allows retailers to optimize their payments to suppliers, either by selling online or offline.

5. Guarantee the protection and security of the data. recently Amadeus made a large investment in data security. As we learned from Marriott's huge data breach, it is an important and costly threat to business. Amadeus has taken preventive initiatives "security by design" and "data protection by design" to protect our data and those of our customers Retailers can not afford to ignore this issue How are you investing to safeguard your travelers' data? What measures have you put in place to protect cybersecurity and data privacy?

Less complexity, more connectivity
Amadeus is committed to helping our retail customers grow through better technology and more content in the Live Travel Space. We are happy for this "new world" where all the possible content is connected through different technologies, and where multiple and hybrid business models coexist. In short, our strategy focuses on simplifying the complexity for our retail travel customers.


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