Uruguay bets on the Brazilian market

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Uruguay bets on the Brazilian market
Lun 23 de septiembre de 2019

The Ministry of Tourism will be present at ABAV International Tourism Expo 2019, event organized by the Brazilian Association of Travel Agencies

In the show that will take place from September 25 to 27, the Undersecretary of Tourism of Uruguay, Benjamin Liberoff, will receive in the country his partners and players of the industry under the slogan: “Uruguay, a country that is enjoyed all year” .
“We have bet to diversify the tourist offer of Uruguay and to deseasonalize the destination, we want to show the Brazilian that we have much more to offer besides sun and beach. We are a country full of charm and friendship that is available to everyone throughout the year. We reinforce our tourism welfare policy and look forward to seeing you at ABAV 2019, ”Liberoff announced in the pre-fair.​
With regions of invaluable beauty such as the hot springs of Salto, Paysandú and in a future Rivera, the famous beaches of Punta del Este, the crystal clear water stations of Piriápolis and Cabo Polonio, the sumptuous and virgin Atlantis or the cosmopolitan capital: Montevideo, Uruguay is able to surprise in every corner to enjoy all year.​
The beauty of Maldonado in winter and summer, Colonia del Sacramento in spring and the freshness of wine tourism in summer are examples of adventure for the Brazilian. Uruguay is a country of contrasts, people, traditions and folklore, where culture, architecture and history coexist with golf, rural tourism, navigation, sports, cruises and gastronomy.

The tourist who pays with credit card, debit or electronic money will obtain tax benefits during their stay in Uruguay. Recently, the return of 22% VAT on gastronomic services, catering and rental of vehicles without driver were extended until April 2020, while a 10.5% discount on the rental of real estate is granted.
To this are added the benefits of Tax Free in the purchases of adhered stores and zero VAT in hotels throughout the year. In addition to a 24% discount on gasoline at service stations located a maximum of 20 kilometers from the border crossings.
Meanwhile, private operators decided from August 2 until November 31 or December 15, in some cases, offer the "3 x 2" in accommodation, food and kayaking, hiking and much more.


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