Riu bets on evening entertainment

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Riu bets on evening entertainment
28 de octubre de 2019

"Afterbeach" is the campaign launched to publicize this concept of parties that are committed to lighting, DJs and high-level shows


Riu Party, the innovative animation concept launched by RIU in Los Cabos in 2018, continues to grow and is already present in its Punta Cana hotels in the Dominican Republic, Vallarta and Playa del Carmen in Mexico, and Guanacaste in Costa Rica. These are authentic themed parties with performances of the highest level together with the rhythm of great DJs in the area and with the best live music. These parties revolve around various themes, being two of them daytime and two nightly (White Party, Neon Party, CocoBongo Riu Party and Pink Party).

“Riu Party was born from my passion for music and my interest in innovating and offering our customers the best possible experience. They can be compared to the shows offered by the most famous clubs, but with the unique feature in the sector of which they are part of the All Inclusive program of several hotels. We distinguish between two types of parties, some are the Riu Pool Party that are for adults, and the parties that personally excite me the most are the Riu Get Together Party. These are for all audiences and are celebrated for example in the Riu Tequila. There the clients of the six hotels of the destination meet and it is easy to see up to three generations of the same family enjoying a lot of music, the atmosphere and the show. It is a great satisfaction for me to see how they enjoy and see the enormous acceptance; That is why we will continue betting on expanding this concept to more destinations. Of course, always as part of the offer of the All Inclusive of RIU ”, explains Luis Riu, CEO of RIU Hotels & Resorts.

To make it known even more among all its customers, the chain has just launched the “Afterbeach, there is life after the beach” campaign. With her, RIU intends to address the public that, when she thinks she has done everything during the day she still has the best, the Riu Party. The main axis is a video that shows the dichotomy between what you do during the day at the beach and what you can do in the “postplaya” with the Riu Party. In addition, several video pills have been developed where the “Afterbeach” concept is reinforced and it is explained what each party consists of. Both videos, the main one and the pills, will be in the different RRSS (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) in addition to having a display campaign.


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