Miami, leader in the wellness segment

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Miami, leader in the wellness segment
Lun 10 de febrero de 2020

The months of health and wellness began on February 1 with a variety as only this destination can offer

According to the MINDBODY Wellness Index 2020, which classifies the health and general well-being of the 50 most populous cities in America, Miami was once again classified as the healthiest city in the United States.

In an effort to share this attribute with visitors and locals alike, GMCVB is pleased to announce the long-awaited return of its two months, focusing on wellness, Miami Health & Wellness Months (February-March 2020). As part of the GMCVB Miami Temptations Program, the Health and Wellness Months in Miami attract those who like to stay healthy and active. During this
60-day celebration, local health enthusiasts and visitors are encouraged to experience all the offers Miami is known for - among them, the best fitness centers, spas, medical centers, outdoor activity facilities and more - receiving special offers in a range of exercise classes, holistic treatments, sporting events, weight loss programs and health and fitness activities for all ages and skill levels.


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