Costa Rica conducts promotional campaign in London

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Costa Rica conducts promotional campaign in London
14 de septiembre de 2020

During September the Waterloo railway station displays tourist attractions in the country in order to maintain the connection with potential British and European tourists

For three days and for the remainder of this month, the busiest and largest railway station in the United Kingdom, Waterloo in London, has been displaying tourist attractions in Costa Rica with the aim of maintaining the connection with potential British and European tourists.
A total of 16 large-format images (3 meters high by 6 meters wide) of our nature, volcanoes, beaches, outdoor adventure activities beautify this station that, according to data from the Network Trial of the United Kingdom, counts more 90 million annual trips.
The message "Your Journey Starts Here!" complemented with sounds of the fauna, the sea, the tropical forest, a sensory experience to transport and invite you to live unique experiences in Costa Rica as soon as possible. The underground moving walkway with the mixture of sounds is traversed on an electric band of the pedestrian path with a duration of 120 to 180 seconds and an extension of 140 meters.
“The promotional actions in the main source markets of Europe have not stopped, although they have been refocused so as not to lose connection with potential tourists. We have the responsibility of maintaining the country's position in an increasingly competitive environment due to COVID-19 and in accordance with the gradual reactivation of flights to our Costa Rica ”, said Ireth Rodríguez, Head of Promotion of the Costa Rican Tourism Institute ( ICT).
Strengthening the connection with the European market
 In addition to the development of this experience to remember the Essential Costa Rica country brand, an alliance was made with commercial partners and British wholesalers to promote the destination and generate a “call to action” to motivate future trips.
Thus, Trailfinders, Journey Latin America and Explore companies will offer special offers for Costa Rica. Those who pass through this tunnel will receive images on their smartphones with Costa Rican tourist attractions to motivate them to organize their next vacation to the destination.
This promotional action was designed by the European Public Relations area of ​​the Costa Rican Tourism Institute and with the support of the communication, marketing and public relations agency for Costa Rica in the United Kingdom: Four Commnunication. This communication company will broadcast the action on social networks and main news media in the United Kingdom.
Currently Costa Rica allows flights from the European Union, the Schengen area and the United Kingdom for citizens and residents of these areas.
Although flights are enabled with the European airlines Iberia of Spain and Lufthansa of Germany, the negotiations for the reactivation of more European airlines are permanent and the return of British Airways is even being negotiated for the last quarter of the year.
In 2019, 500,000 European tourists visited Costa Rica and more than 78,000 specifically came from the United Kingdom. Based on the studies carried out by the ICT, it has been determined that the British tourist usually travels as a couple and as a family. The main activities carried out are outdoors such as hiking, visiting the beaches and volcanoes, observing flora and fauna, enjoying the hot springs among others.


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