RCD Hotels will offer free antigen tests to guests

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RCD Hotels will offer free antigen tests to guests
Source: Hard Rock Hotels
Mar 26 de enero de 2021

Respecting country restrictions, the hotel chain will provide 2 antigen tests per room for tourists who must board international flights

Due to outbreaks and the increase in infections around the world, the chain that owns the Hard Rock Hotel All Inclusive, Nobu Los Cabos, Nobu Chicago and UNICO 20 ° 87 ° Hotel Riviera Maya will provide 2 free antigen tests per room. They will also offer health care insurance and COVID-19 PCR tests at a discounted price.

The situation against the Coronavirus is uncertain. With outbreaks in Europe and restrictions in Latin America, the RCD Hotels chain announced the delivery of 2 antigen tests, also known as “rapid tests”, per room for tourists returning on international flights. In this way, they will be able to present the corresponding result in their respective countries. 

During 2020, the different RCD Hotels facilities announced modern protocols for the care of their guests, in order to offer a safe and trustworthy experience. However, they still continue to expand the possibilities of living a vacation carefully, and with offers in favor of tourists. In addition to the 2 complimentary antigen tests, additional tests can also be purchased if needed, at a special price. PCR tests are available. 

In a statement, RCD Hotels announced that medical assistance included in the properties will be provided through travel insurance for all existing and new reservations from countries with the requirement. In the event that the result is positive during the guest's stay at the hotel, the medical assistance insurance will cover the extended stay for 14 days without additional costs. In turn, in all stays, the insurance includes medical expenses such as consultation with health professionals, medications and hospitalization if necessary.

Mexico has no restrictions to enter the country and the hotels have been operating since June 2020. Many tourists have expressed themselves in favor of the security protocols of the mentioned hotels, living unique and safe experiences. The properties have been adapted, both in restaurants and buffets and in the amount of time in which they clean the rooms, with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) for the preparation of sanitary measures. 


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