PROMTUR Panama presents incentives to promote MICE tourism

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PROMTUR Panama presents incentives to promote MICE tourism
Mié 10 de febrero de 2021

The DMO consulted with international experts to create the foundations of the plan

Attracting and attracting international meetings, events and congresses to the country is the main objective of the incentive plan for the business meetings and events segment or MICE presented by the destination marketing organization PROMTUR Panama yesterday to the entire national tourism value chain . 

Fernando Fondevila, general director of PROMTUR Panama, invited the audience to work together for the business meetings and events industry, stating that “we will start with capacity, limitations, but we will host these small events for what they are, the catalyst for the most powerful and impressive congresses that are being planned for 2022, 2023 and 2024 starting today ”.  

The process for attracting international events and its incentive plan, announced in the virtual forum "Working together for the meetings industry" includes benefits for the corporate subsegments, incentive trips, specific and associative services, which were prioritized by the group of external advisors that make up the Sales Committee of PROMTUR Panama.

The corporate subsegment includes the more than 150 multinational companies and 19 regional offices of different bodies dependent on the United Nations, while the incentive travel segment includes professionals who, in addition to having high spending on average in the destinations who visit, are also looking for unique experiences, and where Panama can compete to offer a cosmopolitan city with an exotic tropic, paradisiacal beaches and short distances.

Additionally, there is the sub-segment for specific services and the associative sub-segment, which is directed exclusively for meetings organized by NGOs, universities, federations, international associations, among others. "This last subsegment has a very high economic income and generally the destination goes through an application and application process that can take from 3 to 4 years," explained Eugenia Powell, Associate Director of Sales and Services of PROMTUR Panama.

In figures from Oxford Economics, the impact of the MICE segment was shown, which crosses the entire value chain of services, not only tourism, with a daily expenditure per tourist of US $ 613, three times higher than the economic impact of the holiday tourist .  

"With the incentive plan, our interest is to be able to support these associations locally so that they raise their hands and apply to Panama for regional and Latin American congresses," Powell added.  

During her speech, Kenelma Mendoza, President of Accento Incentives, Secretary of the Panamanian Association of Professionals in Congresses, Exhibitions and Related (APPCE) and member of the MICE Sales Committee, thanked PROMTUR Panama for taking into account the experience of professionals of the industry in the development of the plan.


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