RCD Hotels, optimism for 2022

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RCD Hotels, optimism for 2022
Leonel Reyes, RCD Hotels
Source: Ronda 360
30 de septiembre de 2021

The hotel chain has been growing month by month and reaches the last quarter of the year with the best prospects

Despite all the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic still poses today, RCD Hotels has been working hard to recover the levels prior to the health crisis and continue to grow. To know in detail the quantity in the company, we have exclusively interviewed Leonel Reyes, Corporate Director of Sales. We share their responses below: 

What is the situation of the hotel chain at the moment?
Fortunately, everything is going well, and the crisis has improved and fortunately restrictions are being eased and that gives us a lot of peace of mind to project 2022. In Latin America we have reached our objectives and we are even above the goals. The weddings and groups segment has even been very active, the last month and a half the number of sales that have been closed has been excellent. We are happy for all the work our team has been doing.

The chain handles different flags, has the reactivation been different for each one or has it been a similar growth?
Each of the brands has a similar growth, although logically they handle different segments. It is also important to note that our Residence Inn brand is doing very well. Officially, on October 15, we opened the third property located in Playa del Carmen and the truth is that we are very happy because the results have been very satisfactory, especially in the Latin public who are looking for long stays and feel at home.

Do you have plans for other openings in the medium term?
At this time no, we are focusing on giving important change to the properties we already have, we always seek to offer innovations in the properties and that obviously requires a lot of investment in important remodeling both in common areas and in rooms.  

Can you anticipate what will come next year in the trade segment?
We have not stopped working with this segment. We will continue to focus on each agent. Although we have avoided face-to-face events due to the pandemic, we have carried out many activities to keep them updated. Despite all the difficulties we have been able to carry out the FAMFEST and without any setback. They have served as proof that you can safely travel and stay at the hotel. We are encouraging them to continue participating in our Amplified Rewards program and to visit us to learn about the innovations we have in our properties.

What prospects do you have regarding markets that are reactivated?
It is very positive that they open the Chilean border, in the case of Brazil they have never really stopped traveling here and we believe that there will be a takeoff, we are even noticing an increase in occupancy levels and we are very happy because our clients have continued to choose our brands.


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