Technology is a key tool to increase revenues and reduce costs

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Technology is a key tool to increase revenues and reduce costs
Juan Francisco Muñoz, Amadeus
Jue 14 de junio de 2018

Amadeus Tomorrow Land Tour 2018 lands in Colombia to inspire the travel market


Continuing its journey through Latin America Tomorrow Land Tour 2018 arrives to show the latest technological advances in the industry. Taking into account the current challenges of travel agencies and other tourism stakeholders, Amadeus seeks to highlight the solutions that will enable them to deal with them more efficiently and highlight the opportunities that arise in the market. The event will center on three pillars: the future is today, how to reduce costs? And how to increase my income? But it will put a special focus on multimodality, a tool that will make it easier for tourists to travel. Appointments will be in Bogotá on June 14 and in Cali on July 24.

At the meeting, Juan Francisco Muñoz, Country Manager of Amadeus in Colombia and Venezuela will talk about the importance for travel agencies of providing differential content that makes a mark with consumers. The traveler and their needs is the most important for the industry, so it is essential that operators can offer innovative and efficient solutions that simplify the way they travel.

That is why for this occasion Amadeus arrives with the new proposal that helps to facilitate the journeys of the travelers. "For travel agencies, multimodality will represent an increase in reserves and revenues, more products and options to offer the traveler and increased connectivity of those destinations for which it is necessary to use more than one means of transport. The multimodality will allow agencies to sell on a single ticket: air combined with a train or bus ticket. Now it is possible to offer the traveler a Bogotá - Madrid - Zaragoza-Avignon. And although in principle it is oriented to routes within Europe, the idea is to extend this type of agreement in other regions "the spokesperson points out.

Amadeus continues adding relevant content for the travel agent, allowing the sale of 90 low-cost airlines. "We know the importance that this type of airline has in the region, with important companies operating direct flights to Colombia, and from there we have incorporated them into our platform, available to all our customers," says Muñoz.

Muñoz will also be in charge of talking about "Amanda", the new chatbot, artificial intelligence that seeks to generate an interface so that users can resolve questions and queries within the Amadeus reservation platform easily and quickly.

Tomorrow Land will also touch on new forms of interaction with a look at the use of the mobile phone as a key tool to improve the travel experience. Where Romina Pacheco, Key account manager, will explain the Amadeus Live application, a mobile solution for travel agencies where they can easily and quickly access new products and services, make reservations, communicate with their account executive and enter channels direct support.

"Taking into account the growth that tourism has had in the country, this type of events are the basis for making tourism become a leader in the world economy. That is why our purpose is to strengthen and develop innovative and unique solutions for industry suppliers, allowing them to obtain all the tools that help them position themselves and improve their interactions with travelers "concludes Juan Francisco.


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