UNESCO highlights Panama Sustainable Tourism Master Plan

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UNESCO highlights Panama Sustainable Tourism Master Plan
Iván Eskildsen, ATP
11 de marzo de 2021

The General Administrator of the Tourism Authority of Panama affirmed that replicating the model in other Central American countries strengthens the region

At the request of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the General Administrator of the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), Iván Eskildsen, presented the Sustainable Tourism Master Plan 2020 - 2025 ( PMTS) to members of the Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Honduras, considering it an innovative vision of how to face sustainable tourism for the future.

Nicole Marrder, Minister of Tourism of Honduras, expressed during the virtual presentation that the exchange of ideas and collaboration of Panama in tourism matters is of great help to develop its new national sustainable tourism strategy, aimed at a consumer whose mentality and behavior has changed, who is more aware and interested in the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.

Minister Marrder praised the achievements of the current management of the Panamanian government in terms of tourism, for which they will take as an example the 5-year strategy development model, as well as the participation of private companies, to strengthen the industry, create consensus and work on a roadmap for the development of the industry; In addition, he requested advice to implement the figure of the Tourism Cabinet and thus strengthen inter-institutional coordination, as has been achieved in Panama.

The tourism minister of Panama said that replicating the model in other Central American countries strengthens the region and during the presentation explained the background of the PMTS, the creation of the Executing Unit, which monitors the processes for the execution of projects, the established governance model in which the public-private partnership is key to follow up on them.

The vision of the PMTS is to make Panama a world-class sustainable destination, due to its cultural and natural heritage and the quality of its services.


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